What does a zebra symbolize?

Answer Shamanism considers the zebra a power animal, symbolizing balance, the ability to see in black and white and maintenance of individuality within the herd. To dream of a zebra, according to the Drea... Read More »

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What does a flamingo symbolize?

In ancient Egypt, flamingos were symbols of the sun. Egyptians believed that flamingos represented the sun god Ra. Flamingos also have been known to symbolize "beauty, balance and grace." In modern... Read More »

What does the ace of clubs symbolize?

Different playing cards symbolize different things. The ace of clubs symbolizes an offer of a beneficial promotion. The ace of clubs can also be interpreted in a more spiritual sense as the energy ... Read More »

What does a poinsettia symbolize?

What does the burqa symbolize?

The burqa is a garment worn by religious Muslim women that covers the entire body. It is worn as a symbol of physical modesty. It was mandatory under the Taliban in Afghanistan. Many European count... Read More »