What does water have in it What is it made out of?

Answer It is simply Hydrogen and Oxygen... Unless it has been polluted, in which case it would have(duh) pollutants in it.EDIT: Femme Fatale, as much as I love your name, you can artificially create water... Read More »

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Some of our water pipes are made of lead. Would it be wise to buy bottled water, the cheap types?

Lead pipes should have been replaced years ago. End of. It doesn't cost much to replace at least the pipes supplying drinking water.

What country is H2O just add water made in?

What are water filters made of?

Water filters can be made from several different kinds of materials. In the wilderness, you can make water filters from cans or plastic bottles. However, most commercial water filters use charcoal,... Read More »

How much of your body is made up of water?

The amount of water in the human body (also known as body water) varies according to age and weight. For instance, an infant's body weight includes around 75 percent water. Young adult bodies conta... Read More »