What does voltage mean?

Answer Voltage is the measurable power or force of electricity contained in something. Webster's New World College Dictionary defines it as "electromotive force, or difference in electrical potential, mea... Read More »

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What does preamp voltage mean?

Preamp voltage is the measure of preamp output in amplifiers. Preamp outputs are RCA jacks that are connected to the back of a receiver and allow external amps to be hooked up. Preamp voltage is th... Read More »

What does the'system battery voltage is low'alert mean?

When you see the "system battery voltage is low" alert on your computer, it means that a small battery inside the computer has run down. This button battery sits on the main computer circuit board,... Read More »

What does the loud POP mean when you forgot to switch voltage on your US bought computer from 110 to 230 :(?

The good news is that it's PROBABLY just the power supply, a relatively inexpensive and easy-to-replace component. It's possible that the 230 passed through briefly and fried the motherboard and p... Read More »

At what voltage is the sign high voltage required?

According to the published standard 1926.405(b)(3)(ii) set by the Occupational Safety & Health Agency, if voltage for wiring or equipment is 600 volts or greater, you should put a prominent, perman... Read More »