What does voltage mean?

Answer Voltage is the measurable power or force of electricity contained in something. Webster's New World College Dictionary defines it as "electromotive force, or difference in electrical potential, mea... Read More »

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At what voltage is the sign high voltage required?

According to the published standard 1926.405(b)(3)(ii) set by the Occupational Safety & Health Agency, if voltage for wiring or equipment is 600 volts or greater, you should put a prominent, perman... Read More »

Can you run an AC voltage light bulb on DC voltage?

Light bulbs, rated in volts and watts, work on either AC or DC. But the DC voltage source needs to put out enough voltage to operate the light bulb. Most light bulbs for AC work on 110 volts.Source... Read More »

How much voltage does a fan use?

P(power)=Vi Voltage=P/i AnswerThe rated voltage for a fan must be shown on its nameplate, together with its power rating. It will depend on the country in which it is to be used. So, in Europe, it... Read More »

Do car stereos use ac or dc voltage?

Today's cars have complex electrical systems based on 12-volt direct current (DC). The power comes from the battery and the alternator. Because of this, all the electrical and electronic accessorie... Read More »