R&P.. Same song, Different vibe! What are your favorite cover songs that have a completely different vibe...?

Answer Marilyn Manson singing this little ditty…

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How to Replace a Fan in a Vibe?

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How Does the VIBE machine work?

On One Hand: Electromagnetic EnergyThe VIBE machine consists of twelve tubes of inert gas placed in a ring. The machine also has a low-functioning laser which "activates" the machine, creating an e... Read More »

When did"Vibe"magazine start?

"Vibe" magazine was first published in 1993, under the direction of music producer Quincy Jones. The magazine, devoted to Hip-Hop and Rap music, announced the end of production in 2009, as a result... Read More »

How to Fix the AC Blower on an '06 Pontiac Vibe?

The '06 Pontiac Vibe's AC blower circulates cool air produced by the vehicle’s air conditioning system throughout the cabin area. Although it rarely requires replacement, the AC blower’s motor ... Read More »