What does vested mean in a 401k?

Answer The term "vested" in a 401k refers to the amount of the employer contribution to an employee's retirement account that the employee is entitled to keep. An employee is not entitled to the employer'... Read More »

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What Does Vested in a 401k Mean?

Being vested in a 401k plan means that you will be able to keep your employer's contributions to the plan if you decide to leave the company. Vesting typically takes a few years, in order to discou... Read More »

What Does it Mean to Become Vested?

To become a vested employee, you must stay employed with the company on good terms for a certain period of time before you can receive certain contribution benefits.

What does becoming vested mean?

Becoming vested is typically the term used to refer to an employee's trial period before she becomes eligible for a company's full savings contributions, pensions and benefit programs. The length o... Read More »

What does fully vested mean?

The term "fully vested" means being entitled to all benefits of an investment plan. Accounts that involves vesting contribute benefits to that account as a bonus for participating over a period of ... Read More »