What is a vertically integrated business model?

Answer The book “Logistics Management” explains that a vertically integrated business model means the company assumes ownership of suppliers. The business does not outsource any operations to other co... Read More »

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What does integrated circuit mean?

An integrated circuit (IC) has many electronic components, including transistors, resistors and diodes, all contained on the same silicon chip. You can buy discrete transistors and other parts and ... Read More »

What Does Integrated Graphics Mean?

Integrated graphics condense the functionality of a video card such as video playback, 2D desktop graphics and 3D rendering into a single chip. Integrated graphics chips are common in laptops and l... Read More »

What does integrated graphics card mean?

An integrated graphics card is not a piece of computer hardware per se, but is rather a section of a computer's motherboard that is dedicated to producing and processing graphics information. Integ... Read More »

What is vertically extended family?

A vertically extended family is where a family of grandparents, parents, and children all live together in the same home.