What does variation mean in plant science?

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What does ms2 mean in science?

The MS2 bacteriophage is a very small icosahedral (20 equal sides) virus. This bacteriophage, about 26 nanometers in diameter, is part of the Leviviradae family. The effects of MS2 are not harmful ... Read More »

What does volume mean in science?

Volume describes how much space a substance occupies; it is a measurement used in science. The volume of solids and liquids remains fairly constant. The volume of gas is dependent on the pressure a... Read More »

What does"delta"mean in science?

In science, "delta" generally means "change in." Delta is symbolized by the Greek letter delta, which looks like a triangle. In chemistry, when a delta is written over a reaction arrow, it indicate... Read More »

What does neutral mean in science?

Neutral science refers to science with no predetermined beliefs or biases in observations or explanations. This includes the lack of physical, materialistic and other belief systems in scientific s... Read More »