What does unsupported browser mean?

Answer An unsupported browser is when a browser, or computer program, is not compatible with a Website. The incompatibility is often because it is an old browser, or a it may be that a Website uses uncomm... Read More »

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What does an unsupported barrel in a handgun mean?

An unsupported barrel means that the feed ramp--which allows the case to be pushed into the barrel--is merely cut into the barrel, instead of being a separate piece. This results in the exposure an... Read More »

Unsupported content type on facebook mobile?

I've been having the same problem since last night. I , too have a straight talk samsung with unlimited everything. This is all quite inconvenient and I hope it's fixed soon! However I am relieved ... Read More »

I have a BDV-E870. I tried to play a movie which was in mkv format, but it said that the file is unsupported.?

If you played other mkv format files on the BDV-5400 and you get the message that the file is "unsupported or corrupt" the problem is almost certainly that the file is corrupted (since you know the... Read More »

How to change screen resolution on an unsupported monitor in Ubuntu Linux 11.04?

Open the Terminalcd /etc/X11/sudo cp xorg.conf xorg.conf.baksudo gedit xorg.confUnder SubSection "Display"Modesadd "640x480" to the the beginning of that resolution listSave the changes in gEdit an... Read More »