What does unpasteurized mean?

Answer Unpasteurized is a term referring to food that has not been pasteurized or heated sufficiently to kill or slow the growth of germs that can cause disease or spoilage. Food must be heated to at leas... Read More »

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What Types of Cheeses Are Unpasteurized?

Due to USDA regulations regarding safe cheese production, some varieties of unpasteurized cheese are processed abroad and cannot be imported to the United States. In other areas such as England, Fr... Read More »

Can butter be made with unpasteurized milk?

Dairies may use unpasteurized milk, which is not heated to destroy living enzymes and pathogens, to produce raw, unpasteurized butter. Manufacturers separate cream from unpasteurized milk, then whi... Read More »

If a cheese is organic raw, aged, and unpasteurized; does that also mean it is non homogenized?

The typical cheese making process would start with raw milk. Pasteurization is heating the milk."Homogenization usually follows pasteurization because the enzyme lipase, if not first heat deactivat... Read More »

Is it safe to eat unpasteurized cheese when pregnant if you bake it first?

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