What does it mean if you walk under a ladder?

Answer It is a superstitious belief that if a person walks under an open ladder, he will have bad luck. This particular superstition has to do with the triangular shape an open ladder forms. Some Christia... Read More »

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What does"hiding under a rock"mean?

The phrase "hiding under a rock" should not be taken literally--there is no physical stone on top of a person. The phrase implies that a person is withdrawn from society, or perhaps hiding in a loc... Read More »

What does equal justice under the law mean?

The phrase "equal justice under the law" is a common philosophical notion used to indicate a goal of fairness in the United States courts for all residents in a bias-free and culturally sensitive m... Read More »

What does net tax liability mean under the IRS stimulus?

The Internal Revenue Service based the 2008 stimulus on the amount of money a person owed on her federal tax return after deductions and credits. Those with less than $600 in liability received a p... Read More »

What does the legal term"under agreement"mean?

The legal term "under agreement" means that two parties have agreed to an accepted offer or proposal under a binding contract. Signatures of both parties are signed usually after the legal term.Ref... Read More »