What does uncoverage mean in insurance?

Answer ''UNCOVERAGE'' not sure I've heard that term before, are you sure it isn't ''UNDER INSURED (something) COVERAGE'' ? Check that, or if you could provide in what context you heard or read, 'uncoverag... Read More »

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What does the term co-insurance mean on health insurance policies?

In health policies co-insurance is a percentage of covered expenses that insured is required to pay in addition to co-payment and deductible For example if you have an 80/20 plan, the insurance co... Read More »

What does it mean for a pre-existing condition you have 63 days to get new insurance does this mean that you won't be covered for things like rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions unless you get i?

Answer That's correct.If you lose COBRA then you can get an Indivdual Plan from HIPAA, but it must be within the 63 days.

What does lose of use mean on a renters insurance policy mean?

Loss of use is usually a coverage of the costs incurred by someone as a result of your accident. If your water heater busts and ruins your carpet you may be insured for that and get new carpet. The... Read More »

What does a PPO mean in insurance?

PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization. A PPO is a health care organization that negotiates with a health insurance provider to provide preset services at a reduced cost to the insured pati... Read More »