What does unconditional love mean?

Answer The idea of unconditional love can be found in discussions of our spouses, religious experiences, pets and children. Unconditional love is the idea that someone will love you and you will love them... Read More »

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How to Define Unconditional Love?

By straight definition, unconditional love is hard to really define clearly. This in itself can cause a great deal of confusion. Here is how to define what it means to love without limits or condit... Read More »

How does your heart responds to a love gestureYou know what I mean?

scientifically:the heart rate increase due to sympathatic stimulation.emotionally:my heart feel a great and strange feeling of happiness,timless,pleasure,desire...ev… that people feel when they l... Read More »

What is NOT an unconditional worst form of child labor?

What does 'ain' mean in the song you will be my ain true love by Allison krauss?

'Ain' is probably a misspelling or an an anglicisation of Aon, the word for one or only in the Irish language. Thus, it means "You will be my one true love."