Ok, this is a long story, but I am curious about unbiased opinions?

Answer 1. Your son has been living a lie all his life, believing that his adoptive parents gave birth to him, that he was related to them. This is a lie that is more than a 'sin of omission' because lik... Read More »

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Besides Wikipedia, whats the best site for unbiased information?

wikipedia is not a good source!!!!!try

Best unbiased professional alternative therapies site?

Naturalnews is certainly political but very relevant at a time when drug companies are keen to get everybody on as many pills as possible. I have no doubt that telling the truth has encouraged many... Read More »

Is it strange that the so called unbiased supporters of so called alternative therapies..?

It isn't strange, it is just what closed minded paranoics who can't defend their positions rationally do.As we are all aware, there has been an organized attempt in recent weeks to turn this board ... Read More »

MJ fans: what are some unbiased, authorised books about MJ I want books that not only talk about his music?

Michael Jackson Treasures talks about his whole life & career & has fan Memorabillia inside

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