What does tuner free mean on a VCR-DVD combo?

Answer When shopping for home video electronics, you will encounter some jargon that may not be intuitive. Television tuners have their own subset of terminology, and "tuner-free" is one such descriptor y... Read More »

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Whats a good free audio tuner download for my Computer?

There is wavosaur and audacity. I just downloaded wavosaur and am trying it out. they are both free. :)

Does a Direct TV DVR R10 have a digital tuner or an analog tuner?

Will a digital converter box act like a tuner for non-tuner DVD players?

A digital-to-analog converter box can act as a tuner with non-tuner DVD players. However, you will want to make certain that the outputs of the digital converter box are compatible with your DVD’... Read More »

Which combo of CPU + RAM + GPU is better?

The i5 is more than enough for what you will be doing, even though laptops for high school are still mostly entirely unnecessary.