What does tuna do to the unborn fetus while pregnant?

Answer Tuna contains high levers of mercury that can cause birth defects.

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Is tuna OK to eat while you are pregnant?

Answer Not Albacore! You can have the chunk light tuna in a can. Any special tuna steaks (like yellowtail or bigeye) you should consult your doctor.

What happens to an unborn baby if the mother dies while pregnant?

It depends on the gestational age of the fetus. If the fetus is 27 weeks or later an emergency delivery of the baby can be done to try and save it. A baby could survive earlier than 27 weeks. With ... Read More »

Is it safe to eat tuna sandwich while pregnant?

Yes you can eat Tune but you're only allowed to eat 2 tins of Tuna per week I have been told because of the oil inside the tin. I can't go with out Tuna when I found out just 2 per week my heart me... Read More »

How does zanax and Valium affect an unborn fetus?