What does true digital prints mean at Wal Mart photo center?

Answer In reality, when you print a photo they don't print it as a true 4x6 or 5x7. They always crop the top and bottom for the photo. So, for example, it is actually 4x5.3 instead of 4x6. When you print ... Read More »

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How much are 8x10 prints at the walar photo center?

Depending on what exactly you are looking for, Walmart will charge anywhere from 13 cents to $2.50 per print. This depends on what options you choose.

In photo printing what is true digital?

When we all shot 35mm film, we all produced images with the same aspect ratio (3:2), and the ever popular 4x6 print is based upon that. '''In the digital world, however, digital cameras do not all ... Read More »

How do you get 100 percent of photo when making prints?

I have both, two sets of Kodak rechargeable HR6 1600mAh, Ni-MH cells and two sets of Digicell 3200mAh Ni-MH cells. The both give good results commensurate with their rated capacities, although the... Read More »

How to Create Photo Prints Using QOOP?

This article has been marked as historical. The topic of this article is no longer active, no longer ongoing, or does not exist. (Posted 2012-08-09).You can create and order one, or many, prints fr... Read More »