What does triple cropping mean?

Answer Triple cropping means that a farmer plants and harvests three crops from the same individual field over a year-long growing season. Farmers practice triple cropping to produce more crops from the s... Read More »

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Ear Cropping Information?

The process of ear cropping for dogs dates back centuries, according to the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies. Ear cropping is a topic in the middle of several arguments among dog enthusiasts... Read More »

Ear Cropping Styles For A Min Pin?

Ear cropping is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed in many breeds of dogs including Miniature Pinschers. The procedure removes a portion of your dog's ears so that they will stand erect.

Ear Cropping Procedures for Dogs?

Ear cropping is commonly done on several different dog breeds. Boxers, Great Danes, Doberman pinschers, schnauzers and other dogs wouldn't have their standard breed look without cropped ears. Even ... Read More »

Photoshop Cropping Effects?

Adobe started manufacturing Photoshop in 1990. In the subsequent years, Photoshop added new features, including layers, vector shapes, red eye and 3D image editing, and spawned variations including... Read More »