What does trip mean on a limit switch?

Answer The word trip, when referring to a limit switch or circuit breaker, means to stop the circuit. Tripping a limit switch is the same as turning the light switch from on to off while stopping the flow... Read More »

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What Does Lack of Ho2s21 Switch - Adaptive Fuel at Limit Mean?

Vehicle sensors communicate engine performance information to a car's on board computer. This information can take the form of a diagnostic trouble code, or DTC, like the code described as "Lack of... Read More »

My phone has a switch "P/T" next to "ON/OFF" switch. What does it mean?

P/T, excatly what everyone said.Even if you have tone service, and want to hear the old clicking like with a rotary phone (p-pulse), it will still work.Not trying to repeat what everyone else said,... Read More »

What Does Deferral Limit Mean in a 401(k)?

Some companies offer 401(k) plans for their employees, to help them with retirement savings. However, the Internal Revenue Service limits the amount of money individuals and companies can contribut... Read More »

What Does It Mean to Put in a Stop Limit on Stock Trades?

When an investor places a stop-limit order on a stock trade, it is an order to sell a particular stock at a specific price in order to protect the investor from losing more money than he or she is ... Read More »