What does transferring data mean in computer terms?

Answer Whether it is a quadratic equation, video, a picture or a Tweet, it is data. If it needs to be somewhere, you need to transfer it. Use a computer to do that and it's called a data transfer.What dat... Read More »

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What does transferring data mean?

Transferring data means moving the digital information from one system to another in a given amount of time. It can also be coined as copying data from one computer to another.InsightData transfer ... Read More »

What is a free and safe website for transferring iPod data to my computer?

Use SharePod.…

In telephone exchange terms what does 'voice and data services' mean?

You are correct. It means any non-voice transmissions (incoming and out going) including internet/broadband.

In computer terms what does ie7 mean?

IE=internet exploer and the 7 is the version, like version before was 6