What does total state owed mean on a tax return?

Answer State tax returns calculate how much income tax you owe your state for a given year. As part of that calculation, every return will give a "total state tax owed" figure.Adjusted Gross IncomeIn ord... Read More »

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Is sales tax owed on leased vehicle declared a total loss in Texas?

Sales tax is applied at the point of sale when you make your purchase. They have nothing to do with a loss that occurs at a later time. So if you never paid those sales taxes then you would still o... Read More »

Can you e-file a federal return&mail a state return?

While it is recommended that taxpayers file their state return at the same time that they file their federal return, it is possible to e-file your federal return and file your state return by mail.... Read More »

The Definition of 'Total Shareholder Return'?

Total shareholder return, according to a definition on the Financial Times website, refers to capital accumulation in the form of dividends and stock appreciation. An investor creates value by hold... Read More »

How to Calculate Bond Total Return?

Although you may buy bonds to support a particular organization or individual, ultimately the purpose of buying any investment vehicle is to make money. Once you've sold a bond for its present cash... Read More »