How can I eat without biting my cheek, lip or tongue?

Answer Ask your dentist about removal partial dentures or an implant.

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I bit my tongue and cheek fairly badly last night. Sooth me!?

What does a coated tongue mean?

If your dog's tongue develops a coating, spots or other discoloration, schedule a trip to the vet immediately. These changes can be symptoms of serious, even life-threatening conditions.Dye Transfe... Read More »

What does it mean when you bite your tongue?

It means that your teeth close onto your tongue. You tongue may start bleeding. Your teeth will not.

I get a tingling sensation on my tongue whenever I try to eat food. What does that mean?

So it might be that you just get some of your feelings back, so I wouldn't be worried at all, but sure you can tell this to your doctor, maybe it's a good sign and he will tell you this..