What does tier 3 mean on a credit report?

Answer Individuals with a tier 3 credit rating (C credit tier) generally have a FICO scored between 581 and 659. This generally implies a credit history of less than five years, slow pay on loans, higher ... Read More »

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What are tier 1 and tier 2 credit scores?

Better credit ratings open up several new avenues for borrowing, but certain scores, considered tier 1 and tier 2, maximize your creditworthiness. However, it may not be worth the extra work to get... Read More »

What does HC mean on a credit report?

According to How to Read a Credit Report, the notation "HC" on your report stands for high credit. It is your highest credit limit, or amount of credit, given by that creditor.References:How to Rea... Read More »

What does NR mean on a credit report?

On a credit report, NR stands for "not reported," which means that no data was available for a particular month. Generally, this is because the creditor did not report the information, or the acco... Read More »

What does a credit report mean?

A credit report documents your credit activities. It shows the loans and credit cards you have, their balances and whether you make timely payments. Credit reports also show unpaid bills.References... Read More »