What does this status mean?

Answer It means jealousy sucks. The second part, I'm guessing they're saying don't tolerate it?

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What does chartered status mean?

Chartered status is the highest level of standards, professionalism, expertise and safety in a particular field of practice. To earn chartered status, the job type and professional must accepted in... Read More »

What does # mean on Facebook status?

It's a tag, like on twitter. So if you type into the search box at the top what someone tagged other results will come up on the topic of #kids, hope this helped!

What Does Out of Status Mean in Immigration?

"Out of status" in immigration refers to the designation given to a visitor, typically a visa bearer, who violates the terms and conditions outlined by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cus... Read More »

What does endangered status mean?

The United States Endangered Species Act of 1973 provides protection for endangered and threatened species. A species is endangered if it is facing extinction across its habitat. In Canada, endange... Read More »