What does this message mean?

Answer He wants to discreetly have you get him off. He's saying that even though he's straight, he wants a guy to do this from time to time. He also wants to pay you in some form. Also, he has his own pla... Read More »

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What does this mean in A text message?

it probably means that he sent the same text to more than one person, or just to you, before.

What does this phone message mean?

it means right now they are not avalable, or just try again later.hope i helped.

What does this computer message mean?

dont do it. It is spyware. Just close it and keep moving

Weird message on Facebook, what does this mean?

he probably just broke up with his girlfriend, and is going thru the girls he talked to in the past and sending them all an innocent message like that to see if they will reply, because he needs/wa... Read More »