What does this little yellow line mean on youtube player timeline?

Answer It's an indicator that lets you know an advertisement is going to pop up at that time. Small rectangular ads pop up at the bottom of the screen when it reaches the yellow bar. Also, the advertiseme... Read More »

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What's that yellow line below YouTube videos?

Its where the uploader put an "annotation". Its a grey box that comes up when your watching the video that tells you extra information.

What's the yellow line in the youtube videos?

if you mean in the red bar at the bottom of the video that shows how far the video has played there are little yellow lines, these show when ads are to appear

Why is there a yellow vertical line on my tv ?

Its difficult to tell without all the model info etc.I would google or try support for your TV type model info and see as its possible its a common issue.Most tvs have common issues and some are ea... Read More »

How do you use the Player Library feature for Youtube on a Blu Ray player?