What does this face mean...:-/?

Answer disconcerted

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What does it mean when someone makes this face >w<?

Probably shy/embarrassed or really excited. Or constipated, lol.

My EFC is 00009* What does this mean, does this mean im expected to pay 9 dollars a year?

This means that your Expected Family Contribution for that particular award year is $9. Which means that as far as Pell Grant is concerned you are Eligible for the full award minus $9. It also mean... Read More »

What face shape does this girl have?

Roundish and oval face shapes can pull off almost any hairstyle so give it a go!!

What does a sad face on an iPod mean?

According to Apple's support website, "In most cases, the sad iPod icon indicates a hardware issue. . . . if you cannot force your iPod into disk mode and restore it, then your iPod is in need of s... Read More »