What does think people about chikilicuatre?

Answer The fact you've to tell us what it is says everything.

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What do you think about people who think everything is all about them?

I think they have to justify their opinions and behavior at all cost. These are the same people who will call adoptees who dont like some aspects of adoption, "bitter, angry and ungrateful". There... Read More »

Does anyone else think this is as funny as i do (about old people with electronics)?

The better cameras don't give you a screen picture when shooting. You still look through the viewfinder. You can usually get a better picture that way as you're holding the camera closer to you a... Read More »

What do you think about people who tan?

Everybody tans naturally when they go out into the sun, but for the people who put tanning lotions on themselves and go to tanning beds to make their skin darker, I think that's stupid. Tanning lot... Read More »

Do you think that people, primarily women, answer here and dont think about the repurcussions of their words?

Well, i wasn't going to answer even tho it is a great question but i think i will try anyhow. :) Yes, people have been unnecessarily rude to me BUT i have also been unnecessarily rude back. (not ne... Read More »