What does thin to 3 inches apart mean?

Answer It means that for best results, the plants should be three inches apart. To thin to three inches apart means to pull out the extra plants, leaving three inches between the desired plants..

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What sea creature has its eyes 16 inches apart?

Scientists think that he colossal squid has the largest eyes of any animal, set 16 inches apart. One specimen at New Zealand's Te Papa Tongarewa Museum has 30-cm-in-diameter eyes, the size of a soc... Read More »

What does it mean to be on thin ice?

To be "on thin ice" or to be "skating on thin ice" is an English idiom that refers to taking a risk. For example, a person driving without a license is on thin ice.Source:English Club: Skate On Thi... Read More »

What does apart from the law mean?

The phrase apart from the law is found in the Bible in Romans 3:21 referring to righteousness. In this context, law is used as a term for all the effort that humans use to try to achieve a right re... Read More »

What does cubic inches in hydraulic motors mean?

The term cubic inches in relation with hydraulic motors is a measure of cc's per revolution. The greater the cubic inches of the hydraulic motor, the more horsepower that the motor can reach under ... Read More »