What does the""file extension tmp unknown""message mean?

Answer When Windows does not recognize a file extension, it will produce an error to tell the user it doesn't know what to do with that particular type of file, and asking for instructions on how to proce... Read More »

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What does the extension .org mean?

The Web address extension .org refers to an organization and is part of a domain name, says Originally, this extension was meant for charities and nonprofits, but technically, any ... Read More »

What does the extension exe mean?

By default, Windows hides file extensions for known file types. But you'll see downloadable files on the Internet, and if you reveal their extensions on your computer, you'll be faced with a wide v... Read More »

What does the extension .bmp mean?

The file extension "bmp" indicates that a file is an image in a format called "bit-mapped graphics." In this format, pixels with specific location and color values are used to make images.Source:Fi... Read More »

What does the extension .net mean?

The extension .net is one of many that may be found on a website address. The .net extension means "network," and is often used by companies that operate on a network or intranet.Source:Dr. Bill Ba... Read More »