What does the"XO"mean when ordering house windows?

Answer Home window manufacturers have developed a code to describe the various configurations of windows and windowpanes. "XO" refers to a specific type of windowpane configuration in which one pane, "X,"... Read More »

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What does neat mean when ordering a drink?

When ordering a drink, the term neat means you are requesting just liquor--no ice--and the drink served in an old-fashioned glass, according to Good Cocktails. Since a person wants to sip a neat dr... Read More »

What information do you need when ordering prescription contact lenses over the phone?

Depends where you are ordering from.If you are ordering from your Dr's office, they just need your name to get out your file.If you are ordering from a website in the US , then you need your Dr's n... Read More »

What does condensation on house windows mean?

Moisture beading up on your windows and distorting the view may be annoying. But it means you can breathe a sigh of relief, confident that your home is well weatherproofed.DefinitionCondensation is... Read More »

Do you open all the windows when you get up in the morning to air the house?

No, only kitchen and bathroom. In summer the bedrooms are open all day and living rooms when we are there.