What does the"DC"in shoes mean?

Answer DC shoes used to stand for "Droors Clothing Footwear," but was later simplified to "Droors Clothing," hence the name DC. But Droors Clothing was sold and no longer has any ties with DC shoes. Now, ... Read More »

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What do shoes on power lines mean?

The sight of shoes on power lines likely has no definitive meaning, according to myth-busting website Snopes. Common explanations include visibility for airplanes, the presence of a drug dealer or ... Read More »

What do the numbers mean on New Balance shoes?

On New Balance shoes, a three digit number runs down the back of the shoe, from the direction of the ankle towards the heel. This is the shoe's model number. It makes purchasing new shoes of the sa... Read More »

What is the difference between cycling shoes&triathlon shoes?

Triathlon and cycling shoes look alike and have some other similarities but triathlon shoes are designed to make for quick transitions from the swimming to the biking segments of a race.Similaritie... Read More »

What does DC shoes stand for ?

DC Shoes evolved from a company called Droors Clothing. The president and executive vice president of Droors Clothing, Ken Block and Damon Way, respectively, befriended skateboarder Rob Drydek, and... Read More »