What does the'2+2'mean on a Mustang?

Answer When talking about a Mustang or other sporty car, "2+2" refers to the seating arrangement. The front of the car has two bucket seats for the driver and front passenger. In the back, there are an ad... Read More »

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What does Mustang GT stand for?

GT stands for Grand Touring and is a special performance and handling package available on some year models of Ford Mustang. According to Mustang Monthly, Ford introduced the Grand Touring package ... Read More »

What does the GT stand for in Mustang GT?

The familiar GT acronym in Mustang GT stands for gran turismo, or grand touring in English. GT automobiles are generally high-performance vehicles sought for their sporty look and capability for re... Read More »

On a Mustang GT, what does GT stand for?

The GT in Mustang GT stands for Grand Touring or Gran Turismo. GT is a common automotive suffix attached to a number of automobile models. According to an article, "A GT By Any Other Name," on the ... Read More »

What does SRS mean on a Mustang car?

You may have seen an "SRS" label on your Ford Mustang, which stands for "Supplemental Restraint System." This refers to the vehicle's air-bag system, which is supplementary to the seat belts. SRS i... Read More »