What country has the yin and yang symbol on their flag?

Answer The flag of South Korea, officially called Taegukki, has a red and blue yin and yang symbol in the center of a white background, flanked by four black symbols referred to as Kwae.Source:Flags of th... Read More »

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Is there a yin yang type symbol in Native American jewelry?

The yin and yang symbol does not present itself in Native American jewelry. However, the mandala is a cross-cultural circle symbol that appears in jewelry worn by Native Americans, Christians and T... Read More »

Yin yang yo- does lina have a crush on yang?

Yes she does, you can see she tries to say something but then Yin buts in. Lina does have a crush on Yang. And I know

Does yang from--Ying Yang Yo--ever get hurt?

What does the ohm symbol stand for?

In Hinduism, the om, or aum, symbol is representative of the beginning, current state and end of the universe. It is also connected to the fourth state of consciousness in Hinduism, known as turiy... Read More »