What does the writing on the rosetta stone say?

Answer The writers of the Rosetta Stone were Egyptian priests. What they wrote on the stone was a list detailing the triumphs of the pharaoh and the deeds he performed for the people of Egypt.Source:Ancie... Read More »

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Forms of Writing on the Rosetta Stone?

The Rosetta Stone is an artifact of ancient Egypt, a stone with an official decree written in two languages using three separate scripts. Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek were in common use when ... Read More »

What does the rosetta stone say?

The Rosetta Stone is a royal decree from Ptolemy V that reveals taxes and gives instructions on erecting temple statues. It is written in classical Greek and two Egyptian scripts: hieroglyphic and ... Read More »

What does"Select Display Language for your Rosetta Stone Interface"mean?

Selecting the display language for the Rosetta Stone interface configures the program to use your chosen language for the titles of all units, activities and exercises. In addition, the display lan... Read More »

Does Rosetta Stone work in Italian?

On One Hand: Rosetta Lists ItalianOn the Rosetta Stone website, Italian is listed as a language to learn. Customer reviewers currently give the Italian program 4.8 out of 5 stars. In the highest ra... Read More »