What does the world need?

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Why does the world need a clean source of energy?

A clean source of energy is important because it will provide all the benefits of an energy source without any of the disadvantages. When President Obama gave talks to MIT, he planned for a "compre... Read More »

Does a 2-year-old need a ticket to Walt Disney World?

Children younger than 3 years old do not need a ticket to enter any of Disney World's theme parks or attractions; their admission is free. Children younger than 3 years old also eat free at buffets... Read More »

I have an IP address, I need to know in what region of the world is located or related to..?

You can use one of the links below, just enter the ip address and it will give you the geographical location. Most locaters will only give a generalized area showing the city and state and the prov... Read More »

Does Asia have more first world countries or third world?