What does the word Cha mean?

Answer According to Internet Slang, the word Cha means "yes." Therefore, when you want to say "yes" you can also say "Cha." However, make sure the opposite person know what Cha means, too, or they will t... Read More »

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What does the word phd mean?

Also written as Ph.D. and DPhil, the abbreviation PhD means "Doctor of Philosophy." The term comes from the Latin phrase "Philosophiae Doctor." All variations of the abbreviation indicate a doctora... Read More »

What does the word perch mean?

It is a ledge or other platform or object that is used to sit on. The word is typically used in conjunction with birds. Such as--> The birds were perched on the roof.

What does the word Chicago mean?

Chicago gets its name from the word used by the Miami and Illinois tribes that meant both striped skunk and wild leek. The Chicago River was once lined with wild leeks, thus earning the settlement ... Read More »

What does the word colander mean?

A colander is a bowl-shaped utensil that is commonly found in a kitchen. It has holes that allow liquid to drain out; the small size of the holes keeps large solid items inside the colander. A cola... Read More »