How to Find an Angle's Tangent?

Answer Along with two other important trigonometric functions, the sine and the cosine, the tangent is a ratio of sides of a right-angled triangle. It measures the ratio of the opposite side (often called... Read More »

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How to Enter an Inverse Tangent on a TI-84?

Inverse trigonometric functions allow you to calculate an angle's measurement from a specific decimal value. The inverse of the tangent function is called the arctangent or arctan, which finds the ... Read More »

How to Calculate Tangent Ratio?

You can use the tangent ratio to calculate an unknown side of a right triangle if you know one angle other than the right angle and one side other than the hypotenuse, which is the longest side opp... Read More »

How to Calculate An Angle Tangent?

The tangent is used to determine the angle within a triangle by using the ratios of two sides. In right triangles, the three sides are the hypotenuse, the opposite side and the adjacent side. The h... Read More »

How to Graph a Tangent Line?

The tangent line is one of the defining concepts in the study of calculus. The tangent line to a curve is a straight line that just touches a curve. It follows the direction of the curve at that sp... Read More »