What does staggered wheels mean?

Answer Having staggered wheels on a vehicle means that the wheels on the back of the car or truck are a different size than on the front. Most commonly, wider wheels are placed on the rear of rear-wheel-d... Read More »

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What does staggered rims mean?

Staggered rims, or staggered wheels, means that the rims and tires on the rear of a vehicle are bigger than the rims and tires on the front. Wider tires are placed on the back of a rear-wheel-drive... Read More »

What does staggered basis mean?

Staggered basis means to arrange or distribute something in increments over a period of time, rather than to distribute it all at once. For instance, paying a bonus to an employee on a staggered ba... Read More »

What does the word Cha mean?

According to Internet Slang, the word Cha means "yes." Therefore, when you want to say "yes" you can also say "Cha." However, make sure the opposite person know what Cha means, too, or they will t... Read More »

What does the word phd mean?

Also written as Ph.D. and DPhil, the abbreviation PhD means "Doctor of Philosophy." The term comes from the Latin phrase "Philosophiae Doctor." All variations of the abbreviation indicate a doctora... Read More »