What does the word range mean in math?

Answer According to Carol A. Marinas, a professor at Barry University in Miami, range is the difference between the highest and lowest number in a list. For instance, in the following set of numbers--2, 4... Read More »

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What does the math word yield mean?

The mathematical term yield is usually used in relation to investments and finance. It is defined as the annual rate of return on an investment expressed as a percentage. For example, a $100 invest... Read More »

What does the word altitude in geometry math mean?

Altitude, in the context of geometry, means the height of an object or the distance between its bases. Altitude is measured using different points, depending on what kind of object you are measuri... Read More »

What does"range"mean in statistics?

"Range" is a basic calculation in data analysis. A definition and example illustrate how range calculations work. Experimental and conceptual limitations, along with outliers, constrain and give de... Read More »

What does"mean"in math language mean?

Mean is an average in math. To determine the mean, you would add up all the numbers and divide your answer by the total amount of numbers you used. Other common averages in math are the median and ... Read More »