How to Avoid Coming off As Pretentious?

Answer No one likes being treated like a pompous stooge. Have you ever been called pompous or arrogant and you don't know why? It may be the way you speak or write; you may be using pretentious language.

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What's a cute and pretentious name for my new nephew?

NEW MOMS! how can I be super pretentious and more condescending?

Phrase every answer just__ as__K__ does__ and be sure you breastfeed and don't get your babies ears pierced and tell everyone else how much better you are because of it. Easy peasy, duh.

Wanna talk about your brushes with pretentious jerks?

**** that guy. Pretentious little prick.Here's my story, but it has a slightly happier ending...for me, anyway. This is a true story.I used to work at a call center where we provided Windows 9... Read More »

What is worse, unimaginative trolls or pretentious vegans and vegetarians?

Despite being a vegan myself, I simply cannot abide being lectured to by fundamental, radical, hard-core militant vegans. Luckily they are far and few between.But unimaginative, pretentious, bad sp... Read More »