According to you which language is phonetic ?

Answer I'll go with Spanish.

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What is the phonetic alphabet code?

A-alpha B-bravo C- charlie D-delta E-echo F-foxtrot G-golf H-hotel I-india J-juilet K-kilo L-lima M-mike N-novemberO-oscar P-papa Q-quebec R-romeo S-sierra T-tango U-uniform V-v... Read More »

Fun Games for Phonetic Awareness When Tutoring?

Phonetics is easier to learn with interactive games and fun activities to make the work seem like play. There are many online resources that offer free phonics worksheets, flash cards, word wheels ... Read More »

How to Insert Phonetic Symbols Into Documents?

A simple method for entering Phonetic Symbols into documents such as dictionaries, lesson plans and student work sheets.

How to Type on a Russian Phonetic Keyboard?

People who wish to type in Russian on their English-language computers have two main options in terms of "virtual" keyboards. One is to use a standard Russian keyboard layout, as is used in Russia.... Read More »