How to Get Ordained?

Answer Whether you have always wanted to be a Christian minister, or if you have friends or family with a special occasion that would like you to participate in, there are several ways you can get ordaine... Read More »

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What does it mean to be ordained?

To be ordained means to have the rank of priest or rabbi in Judeo-Christian religions. The dictionary defines this word as "to have holy orders" or "to be invested with religious authority." An ord... Read More »

How to Become an Ordained Naturopath?

Naturopathy is a type of alternative medicine based on the belief the body has the capacity to fend off disease and heal itself. An ordained naturopath, or naturopathic doctor, acts as a guide to h... Read More »

How to Become Ordained in Tennessee?

In 1997, Tennessee's attorney general, Knox Walkup challenged the validity of "mail order ministers" ordained by the Internet-based Universal Life Church. Numerous couples were concerned that thei... Read More »

How to Be an Ordained Minister?

Be ordainedSo many people think that the Internet is a cheap place for seeking for an online Ordination. As such have come in contact with different kinds of things in the name of Ordination. Read ... Read More »