What does the word monochrome mean?

Answer Monochrome originates from the Greek word monochromos, meaning "of a single color." In computer terminology, monochrome refers to monitors or graphics that contain a single foreground color placed ... Read More »

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If i was to modify a tv to only display in monochrome would i be able to buy a monochrome license?

You can't modify a colour tv as the tube uses red blue and green guns to mix the colour, so tv will always have ability to display colour.

What is an HP monochrome printer?

An HP monochrome printer is a printer manufactured by the HP (Hewlett-Packard) Development Company. The term "monochrome" means the printer prints in only one color. All HP monochrome printers use ... Read More »

What does the word phd mean?

Also written as Ph.D. and DPhil, the abbreviation PhD means "Doctor of Philosophy." The term comes from the Latin phrase "Philosophiae Doctor." All variations of the abbreviation indicate a doctora... Read More »

What does the word Cha mean?

According to Internet Slang, the word Cha means "yes." Therefore, when you want to say "yes" you can also say "Cha." However, make sure the opposite person know what Cha means, too, or they will t... Read More »