How to Manipulate Others?

Answer Many people have mastered the art of manipulating, and you can be too! Whether its good grades, secrets, or even getting things from your friends, its all right here.

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How to Manipulate Auras?

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How to Manipulate Ohm's Law and Joule's Law?

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How to Manipulate a Psychologist?

If you're reading this, you're probably looking for one of two things. One, you want to get a prescription. Two, you're going to have to "pass" some sort of personality evaluation. Fortunately, man... Read More »

How to Manipulate Advertisers and Broadcasters?

Television broadcasting and Media Advertising is a mega-billion dollar industry. You can help make it what YOU want it to be. It is easy, but it takes a little effort. You may have to bring it up i... Read More »