Why is the iris of our eye coloured?

Answer The iris, being colored stops light from scattering within the eye also.Albinos for instance who have barely any color at all will often have red eyes because of reflections off the retina showing ... Read More »

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Spreading of the Iris?

Bearded iris is named for the fuzzy "beard" on central down-turned petals, known as falls. This easy-going perennial is most appreciated for its spectacular large flowers, yet its gray-green, sword... Read More »

How to Be Like Iris Prager?

Did you ever want to be like Iris Prager, an expert on menstrual periods and puberty who answers your questions

What is the meaning of the name Iris?

The girl's name Iris is Greek in origin, coming from the name of the ancient goddess of the rainbow. Iris can also refer to a spring-blooming perennial garden plant, or to the colored portion of th... Read More »

How do I buy iris plants?

BulbsBuy iris plants in June or July, for immediate planting. Iris plants should be planted in July to September to give them time to establish before the cold temperatures of winter. Buy iris plan... Read More »