If you Google the word "Google", does it really break the Internet?

Answer A flurry of people googling nothing happened.Are you from the IT crowd you have almost paraphrased the same line from it?

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Is google racist Why does someone so powerful like google have to be so mean?

its an scam or you can say Google been spammed.

What does .com mean in a website like what does the com mean?

commercial org = organizationgov = governmented = education

What happens if you google the word google?

The same thing as if you search for yahoo, bing or any of the other search engines. Also if you search yahoo for google, bing or yahoo the same thing happens, and bing does the same as well.There ... Read More »

What does"TM"mean on the Google logo?

The letters "TM" next to the Google name stand for the word "trademark". A trademark is a registered mark that represents a company or its products. In the case of Google, the trademark identifies ... Read More »