What does the word flask in science mean?

Answer A flask used in science is a glass container with a large round body, tapered neck and small opening at the top. Scientists use flasks to hold and mix liquids in scientific experiments. These are a... Read More »

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What does ms2 mean in science?

The MS2 bacteriophage is a very small icosahedral (20 equal sides) virus. This bacteriophage, about 26 nanometers in diameter, is part of the Leviviradae family. The effects of MS2 are not harmful ... Read More »

What does forensic science mean?

Forensic science is the study of evidence that may pertain to criminal activity. It requires the collection of evidence from victims, vehicles and crime scenes. The collected evidence is then analy... Read More »

What does volume mean in science?

Volume describes how much space a substance occupies; it is a measurement used in science. The volume of solids and liquids remains fairly constant. The volume of gas is dependent on the pressure a... Read More »

What does streak mean in science?

In science, streak means to smear a line of bacteria on a petri dish, the name for a plant disease characterized by lines on the leaves, or the color that a mineral produces when rubbed across a so... Read More »