Does a fictitious name owned by a Florida corporation need its own federal EIN?

Answer No, you do not need a federal EIN for a fictitious name owned by a Florida corporation. An EIN is required for all business entities in the U.S. It has nothing to do with a fictitious name. If that... Read More »

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What is a fictitious name certificate?

A fictitious name certificate, also known as a "doing business as" (DBA), has many advantages for the entrepreneur. Obtaining one is simple and takes merely minutes.PurposeA fictitious name certifi... Read More »

What is a fictitious registration for a corporation?

If a corporation does business under a name other than the one it legally registered, that name is referred to as a fictitious registration, a DBA ("doing business as") name or a trade name.The Fac... Read More »

What is the name of the fictitious wine goddess?

The name depends on the pantheon. The Goddess of Wine and of Friendship Between Nations in ancient Greece was named Amphictyonis. In ancient Rome, the goddess was known as Meditrina.References:UNRV... Read More »

What Is the Advantage of Having a Fictitious Name for Your Business?

A business owner may choose to operate without an official name separate from his personal name. This is a common decision for a very small service business, like an interior designer or lawn-cutti... Read More »