If I vacuum myself, does that constitute as a shower?

Answer No they do not do the same task,vacuum cleans dust and bugs etc from dead surfaces,Our body secretes sweat,oil have pores ,and is not literally dead so not possible to clean using vacuum,not to me... Read More »

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How many people constitute a banquet?

A banquet is not determined by a specific number of attendees. Rather, a banquet usually includes a feast that is prepared specifically to honor a person or an achievement, thus differentiating the... Read More »

What Types of Behaviors Constitute Plagiarism?

Educators and students can help prevent plagiarism by being familiar with its characteristics. Writers commit plagiarism when presenting ideas or information from sources without citing them. Wheth... Read More »

How many points constitute a game in association croquet?

The first player to score 26 points in a game of association croquet is the winner. Each player uses two balls to score 12 "hoop points" and one "peg point" per ball. Hoop points are scored by impe... Read More »

About how much does the Department of Defense constitute to all federal expenditures?

Of course just not in the field.---You can if you are on guard duty in the rain, wearing a poncho.