What does the word colander mean?

Answer A colander is a bowl-shaped utensil that is commonly found in a kitchen. It has holes that allow liquid to drain out; the small size of the holes keeps large solid items inside the colander. A cola... Read More »

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Who was the inventor of the colander?

The colander, or sieve, separates liquid from a solid. This filtration system dates back to the Romans and is mentioned in the Bible. The Roman priestess Tuccia proved her virginity by carrying wat... Read More »

What is a colander&pestle?

You use a colander or a pestle in the kitchen when preparing food, but each has a very different use.Colander UsesA colander is a kitchen item used to drain noodles or other foods with excess liqui... Read More »

What is a colander of deception?

A colander of deception is a prop in an urban legend. This legend refers to a story of a police unit placing a colander on the head of a suspected criminal, convincing him it was a lie detector tes... Read More »

How to Make a Lamp From a Colander?

Some colanders are purely functional, but some are works of art that deserve to be displayed. A popular craft for displaying colanders is to hang them over a farm table as a lamp. Turning a colande... Read More »